1186610Most of the information posted on here is relative to girls lacrosse written for new players, parents and coaches.

I am a USL Level 3 certified high school and youth girls lacrosse coach thanks to my five daughters that got me wrapped up in this game. As a coach and program director in an area where lacrosse is still new to most parents and players, I often have to prepare and provide information that might otherwise be taken for granted.  Each season our teams always have several kids brand new to the game and I regularly receive phone calls from prospective parents asking questions about what to buy among other things.

To help the parents, I started writing up single documents and emails on equipment recommendations , rule interpretations, positions, and such. Then I started creating a drill library for myself so I could create practice plans quickly. As the material volume began to grow it just became easier to publish it permanently for all to see and direct parents to this website for repetitive answers.

And thus creaseroll.com was born. It’s purpose is primarily to meet the aforementioned needs and if you are reading this hopefully you can find some value here.

Thanks for reading.

Coach Bob