ACL Prevention for Coaches

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) knee injury is a devastating injury for many athletes.  It affects women / girls two to ten times more than men and is most common in the high school age range, though the trend of susceptibility is shifting down in this age of sport specialization and advanced level competition at earlier ages.

Recently TeamSnap produced a podcast hosted by Emily Cohen featuring Holly Silvers of the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation on the ACL Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance Program (PEP) they have developed and tested with thousands of competitive youth and professional players with unbelievable success rates.

The best thing about the program is it is research based, thoroughly tested, and condensed in writing and video for any coach to implement. This program is meeting a need that is not being met. Consider this – the 14-18 year olds suffering ACL injuries aren’t in college or professional programs with staffs offering advanced strength and conditioning knowledge. Not to knock any high school coaches, but each player is really at the mercy of the resources provided. The PEP program can be implemented by anyone.

Rather than provide my synopsis of Holly’s research and program, please download it and listen to the podcast firsthand.

Podcast (also available on iTunes)

PEP Program