Travel Team is Not a Dirty Word

April 6, 2015 Bob McGregor 0

I’ve read articles and personally heard comments criticizing youth “travel” teams or tournament teams. Statements like “clubs are getting rich off youth sports” or “you have to play on these teams to get exposure”. In […]


Restringing with Taylor D’Amore

February 11, 2015 Bob McGregor 0

As a player begins to improve skill wise and becomes more technical about her game and equipment, she may want to consider having her pocket professionally restrung.  Taylor D’Amore – US National Team player, Team […]


New Swax Lax Training Balls

February 6, 2015 Bob McGregor 1

An interesting “chance encounter” happened to me recently and makes for a neat story to introduce a new training aid for young players. A few weeks prior, I had been in the process of organizing an […]