Strength & Conditioning

ACL Prevention for Coaches

July 7, 2015 Bob McGregor 0

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) knee injury is a devastating injury for many athletes.  It affects women / girls two to ten times more than men and is most common in the high school age […]


Casey Bocklet Shooting and Motion Drills

June 18, 2015 Bob McGregor 0

University of Virginia All American, Casey Bocklet, kindly worked out with some local high school players offering some constructive instruction on shooting and motion drills. I have animated a couple of the drills they ran. I […]


Shooting Drills

March 19, 2015 Bob McGregor 0

This list includes short descriptions of some popular basic shooting drills to get ideas for practice planning. Wing Cut Shooting Drill Set up 3 lines. 1 line of feeders behind the crease, and 2 lines up […]