Girls Lacrosse Equipment Recommendations

This summary of girls lacrosse equipment is for parents of new players just getting started.

Each player will need a lacrosse stick, goggles, mouth guard, and cleats. You should plan on spending at least around $100 total.


First off, boys and girls sticks are different. More than once I have had to break that news to a parent with a brand new stick on the first day of practice. Sticks range from $29 on up to as much as you want to spend at $300 or more. Plan to spend at least $60 to $80 on a beginner stick so you get the quality and durability to survive the season and enable the player to play effectively. Going too cheap on a stick will just lead to frustration and – especially if the new player is older – the stick will break.

Sticks are available at local sporting goods shops and lacrosse specialty stores and online for a broader selection. Look for deals and closeouts. Sticks considered “high end” three years ago may still be hanging around a store’s shelf with a big red tag on it. Read How to Get a Good Lacrosse Stick Cheap for some specific model examples.


The goggles are important to evaluate in person and try on. The player will be wearing the goggles for an entire practice twice a week and an hour long game, so in addition to safety, the goggles need to be comfortable for the player.  Each brand (STX, Brine, Cascade, Under Armour, and deBeer) varies slightly in how the bars are positioned and how the shape fits so it is best to try on a few different brands to see which one is most compatible with the players face. If the store doesn’t have the color you want then you could buy online once you know what will fit best. Prices range from $29 to $60 for kids’ models. The STX 4Sight+ Youth Goggle is probably the most popular and they are included in the STX Lacrosse Girl’s Starter Pack.

Mouth Guards

Lacrosse players use the same mouth guards as football and basketball players so there is usually a wide selection at local sporting goods stores. However, by rule mouth guards must be colored and cannot be clear. This is so coaches and officials can see them. There are specific mouth guards for braces. You could also consult your dentist or orthodontist first since many give them out to their patients upon request.


There is such a shoe as a “lacrosse cleat”, but it is not required by rule, unlike soccer and softball that do have specifications for cleats.  Any kind of cleat designed for grass or turf will work. Almost all girls wear soccer cleats.


Some girls like to wear lacrosse gloves (similar to golf gloves or batting gloves).  Gloves are not required equipment and simply a matter of personal preference. And they look cool.