How to Get a Good Lacrosse Stick Cheap

Where I live it is rare to have a friend, neighbor, or sibling with a lacrosse stick laying around to loan out or hand down. If a kid wants to start playing lacrosse, mom or dad goes to the big box store to get a stick only to realize the choices and price ranges are overwhelming. How much to spend? What if she only plays one season? Is this a good stick? What’s the difference? The end result is most kids end up with the economical, all in one, STX Starter Pack. I did the same thing.

I write this for parents to read BEFORE going shopping.

Lacrosse gear is like any many other consumer products. Manufacturer’s develop and market a product line(s) with good, better, best quality and price points. After a few years a new and improved series of models comes out. Is the new model really better? Sure, a little. But does it make the older model(s) inferior? Definitely not.

A parent’s best bang for the buck is older model advanced level sticks. These can be found brand new on clearance racks or eBay. Not only can you find a great stick for a fraction of the original price, but actually less than a poor quality starter stick at the big box.

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For example, my daughter’s first really good stick was an STX AtTak I bought for $190 (including handle) in 2012; one of the best on the market at that time. More recently, I bought a couple STX AtTak heads for $18 each and sent them to Taylor D’Amore Stringing to string the pockets. For the cost of beginner stick, I have a head / pocket setup equivalent to what a NCAA Division I player would have used not that long ago.

Here are some examples that I found online:

Complete Sticks (Meaning Pocket and Handle Together):

STX Rave 10 (Universal) – Originally $200 in 2012; found online from $59 – $75 with handle.

STX AtTaK (Designed for Attackers) – Originally $190 in 2012; found on eBay for $59 with handle ($23.00 head only).

STX Tilt2 10 (Universal) – Originally $150 in 2011; found online for $54

STX Ntrance (Designed for Defenders) – Found on eBay for $39 with handle ($21.00 head only)

A parent should expect to spend at least $50 to $80 for a first lacrosse stick. However, rather than settling for the “beginner” stick that will be difficult to use and have a short life, it is possible to find a great older model in that price range.