How to Get a Good Lacrosse Stick Cheap

I live in an area where not every friend, neighbor, or sibling has a lacrosse stick laying around to loan out or hand down. Basically, if a new player wants try the game, mom and dad go to the big box to get a stick only to realize the choices and price ranges are overwhelming. Then the Catch 22. How much to spend? What if she only plays one season? Is this a good stick? What’s the difference? The end result is most kids end up with a starter pack.

Now that my older kids have been playing a while, we have been through a lot of gear. I remember buying an STX AtTak head and a Brine shaft for my daughter for around $190 in 2012. Recently, I saw the same head in a store with a clearance tag for $30. That’s when it (the obvious) hit me. A parent’s best bang for the buck is “yesterdays” higher end sticks. So I did a little homework. I called STX, told them the reason for my call,  and asked the product specialist for the model names of the better sticks they had released in the last 5 years before the current Crux line. Then I did some internet research. Here are some examples of what I found without trying very hard.

Complete Sticks (Meaning Pocket and Shaft Together):

STX Rave 10 (Universal) – Originally $200 in 2012; found online from $59 – $75.

STX AtTaK (Designed for Attackers) – Originally $190 in 2012; found on eBay for $38.

STX Tilt2 10 (Universal) – Originally $150 in 2011; found online for $54

STX Ntrance (Designed for Defenders) – Found on eBay for $49

These are just some examples. Anyone could do similar research with any brand. The point here is a parent should expect to spend at least $50 or $60 for a first lacrosse stick. However, rather than settling for the “beginner” stick, with a little research one can find a great stick out of the bargain bin.